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Welcome to ESIVIA.com, your online shopping platform for the world renowned De Simone ceramics. Known as one of the greatest Italian ceramic artists, De Simone has created over three generations high quality and durable ceramics, marrying style and elegance with the decor of the rustic landscapes of Sicily. 

The double baking method for creating permanent imprints on ceramics and the famous De Simone red color (awarded several international prizes and recognitions) ensure that these masterpieces will last a lifetime, while preserving their natural colors. Individually hand crafted and hand painted with unleaded colors, the De Simone-style pottery adds cheerful flair and style to any environment.

Now you can own art in its purest form to display in your home or business. Browse our gallery to admire and choose which product is best suited to you. Our easy checkout and secure purchase portal will ensure that you effortlessly receive these artistic decorative pieces at your doorstep. We import directly to the US from the ceramics factory in Palermo, Italy.

We are committed to providing you with the best selection, service and solutions for your gift ideas.

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